by Whispers

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released July 18, 2014



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Whispers Rachathewa, Thailand

"Whispers" is a Thailand hardcore from bangkok.
The band was founded in February 2014 and has released First ep album, Live.Love.Lie on Holding on record.

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Track Name: Live.Love.Lie
we see the worlds as dreaming as we need,we have a smoke-weeds, we have a tits but in fact that bullshit.
Exactly you should know why peolple must exploit so we keep bleeding love.
Aight! my way that not your ped, please turn around and stay away your ass.
Yo! Look at me and bow to your head. I don't wanna standing in tha world with you.

Hide in your lies and trust to your cheat.
Nobody ain't a fool forever. (x2)

Now I don't care what tha fuck u says because I know how to escape to your shed.I will live for tomorrow and fuck the bitch for your mother.I sleep and leave the true because you've lied to me ever too.How can I love u? Let me know the true from u.

Hide in your lies and trust to your cheat.
Nobody ain't a fool forever.Hide in your lies and trust to your cheat.
Nobody ain't a fool from your whisper.
Track Name: She says
She says x4 nothing at all
But I see her in the hotels.

I keep an eyes on her body and try to think what's wrong with me ?
Sometime I love u so much and sometime I cannot touch.

Look like me to be a fools for u.So make sure what should I do?
And your shoes are still in my room. Tell me... What should I do?

You says to me that true love is me. You says to me. I watched u leave...and I see u out finally.

Shut your mouth bitch.It's killing yourself. Nothing at all.How the fuck u say?
So i can be alone, I don't fucking care.nothing at all.
Track Name: Old love
Tell me why you have gone ?
Tell me why you stuck me?
Tell me why you weren't here? And why me not forget u?

Why am I so afraid to lose u when you are not even mine. I can't left the memorial all of u.
But I'll forget about u and move on with my life. I can left the memorial all of u.

but that's fine and nice

(Old love)

Forget u... Stuck with me forever.Old love.
Track Name: Hate evolution
To my dear.. This is a letter from u.
I need to hear the true. Did u sleep with who? Such as I was a fool.

Welcome to the hate. I let you know the pained from her who I love.
Darkness surround me and can't sit on a chairs, So make me suffer agian.

Why you take me away?
So I hate you everyday
And why you burn inside ma mind?
So make me suffer agian.

When you laugh at me I don't care
No more changes anything anymore.
Im not your fucking clowed to u and my heart not hurts anymore.
Track Name: Forever and Always
If u don't like it.
Change the way u think about it.
If u can't change it.
Im going to destroy it.

I did it more u see.I was it more u think.
No reason why because we're forever and always.

No rules for family, No betray for friends, Hardcore and all friends
More than money.
More than bitch.

Always hold this soul on, Even though I'll die alone.

You're nasty.
You're trash.
You're worthless.